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talk to me

The other day was a hard day.

Nothing earth shattering or life altering happened, I was just struggling with the day to day life of being a stay at home mom to three little ones.
I felt the need to vent to someone. I wanted to call a friend or family member and talk to them and get some encouragement. So I was telling the Lord this and asking Him who I should call to talk to.
Then, as clear as a bell I heard Him say “You can talk to me”.
It was such a gentle reminder that I can bear my heart and soul God. He loves me and wants to hear from me. And He created me so He knows me better than anyone.
Sharing our hard days with friends and family is not a bad thing and we were given those people to have fellowship with, but are we going to them first, or to Jesus first?
First by Lauren Daigle
Kadance Connoly

I am compelled and called by a loving God to live a life that displays love fiercely, strongly and bravely. This applies to all the rolls I have been given in my life, most importantly being: a wife, a mother, and a leader.

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