Love Stripped | At your darkest
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At your darkest

I loved you at your darkest. Romans 5:8
For me, knowing that God has been there in my dark times and still loves me is crazy. Not only my dark times, but he know the darkness that lives in my heart on a daily basis. Things no one else knows about me, the ugly truth! And yet, he still loves me! That is a gift we must not throw away. Sure, we are not worthy of such love, but to throw it away is like throwing it back at God. How can you work on accepting that God loves you even at your darkest?
Kim Adams

When God put it on my heart to start Love Stripped I knew I couldn't say no. No matter how scared or unequipped I was, I knew this was a time to say yes. My desire is that all women, from all walks of life know exactly how amazing they are and that they are loved! Thank you Jesus for entrusting this ministry to me, thank you to my husband who is my biggest fan, to my 3 kids who have taken part in this ministry, and to the Love Stripped team and supporters who have walked side by side with me. It's an honor to love on women.

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